Top 10 Picks: NYC

My main purpose for visiting New York City was to apply for passport renewal, since mine will expire this December. Since NYC is 5+ hours away from Rochester (by land), we decided to make the most out of the trip by scheduling the visit on the 4th of July weekend.

Sure, we only had a total of three days to really tour the city (as most of the hours in the beginning and at the end of the trip were spent travelling), but it was time well spent nonetheless.

I was able to take a shot of a tourist taking a shot of the bridge we were on, as we were entering the city. City traffic is horrible in NYC, thus this photo opportunity.

I was a couple of weeks earlier from the Manhattanhenge, but luckily the sunset during that day aligned nicely with one of the streets of Manhattan.

It's hard to take a clean shot of Times Square at night, so I took a shot of one of the tourists taking a shot of Times Square instead. Shotception, yeah!

I love the contrast of the red brick walls and the Subway sign. A classic urban scene.

An interesting photography series in the Museum of Modern Art, though admittedly I have no idea who they are.

One of the picturesque places within Central Park. The park is HUGE, I'm sure there are a lot more picturesque places like this.

I was lucky enough to capture a pigeon crossing the frame as I was attempting to capture the Rockefeller Plaza. The building was too tall to fit my frame, though.

At the Top of the Rock, capturing the Empire State Building. The mirror image from the observation deck's glass walls is another happy coincidence.

The Brooklyn Bridge captured from the Brooklyn side of the city. There are kids playing with rocks at a nearby park, which makes an interesting foreground in this photo.

Fireworks from the 4th of July show, as seen from the Queens side of the city. The parks situated by the riverside are jam-packed with people, you can hardly move to another location once you're stuck in one spot.

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