Top 5 Picks: Chicago

Last year's thanksgiving weekend was spent in Chicago, with us visiting my uncle and my father-in-law. I have to say, even in the holidays, the city was bustling with people, locals and tourists alike.

Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of my Ninong, and this was the first time I had turkey. The bird was huge, but honestly, I still prefer the taste and texture of chicken.

The Cloud Gate is found in the Millennium Park. I know the structure as The Bean, which is a really cool art sculpture.

There is also a Seafood City, an all-Filipino grocery and food court. The food served here just brings you back home.

A view from the top of the John Hancock Building. Downtown Chicago buildings have really interesting architecture.

Sunset at Navy Pier. It was actually freezing cold when I took the picture, but I absolutely cannot miss a nice clear sunset.