Photodump: Photobucket

I've been having issues with my Photobucket account as of late. I've been a registered user since 2005; back then all the services are free. But now, they are requiring that I pay for premium services if I want to link my images to a third-party source (i.e. my blogs in Blogger).

Syempre, ayaw ko. Besides, Blogger already has unlimited space for pictures (thanks, Google!). I've only a few photo albums in my Photobucket account (which are related to blog posts), so I decided to retrieve them all, dump them in Blogger, delete my Photobucket account, and update any affected blog entries to point to the Blogger picture repository instead.

There's this one album labelled "After Poland" that, for the life of me, I can't remember where I used it. This might've been used in one of my Tabulas blog post (which I already killed as well), so I figured that I place them all in this post as the pictures look pretty good, I daresay.

These pictures were taken some time between late 2011 and the whole of 2012, using various media (cellphone, SLR, point-and-shoot probably film). EXIF data might have been corrupted, thus I am unable to post the pictures in chronological order.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

GROUP 1: Some beach pictures; surfing in La Union (or Baler?) and lounging in Boracay 

GROUP 2: Some pictures when I visited my sister in Hong Kong, during my return trip from Poland

GROUP 3: Some pictures from various events of my former office's social club

GROUP 4: More random pictures that I can't categorize; probably under Local Travel?

GROUP 5: Some pictures from concerts and live performances I attended

GROUP 6: Some pictures from Travel Factor's BACKPACKING Indochina; I probably have a separate blog entry for this somewhere (or maybe not anymore).