Top 10 Picks: Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park is my first road trip experience since my move to Rochester, New York. I was too lazy to bring a DSLR with me, so I had to use my trusty mobile camera phone (what's new). I'm currently using a Huawei P10, which has dual Leica lenses on its rear. Supposedly, these lenses can capture more true color pictures, as well as provide better contrast and DOF compared to other camera phones. I'm personally happy with the pictures I took (#noFilter), but I admit that I haven't maximized my P10's potential just yet.

Anyway, on with the pictures.

Avon's Five Arch Bridge, in panoramic view. I liked how the curve played with the perspective of the picture.

Geneseo Historic District. Towns in the US will almost always have a Main Street, much like the Philippines' Rizal Avenue. Because of the wide street, I wasn't able to capture the expanse of the street... this was my best effort.

One of the roads inside Letchworth State Park. Kinda reminded me of Wright Park in Baguio, but with more trees and wider roads.

Letchworth State Park Middle Falls from a distance. I like how the greenery seems to engulf the canyon and the waterfall.

Daisies and a mushroom in Letchworth State Park. I love how the P10 captures greens as green. No VSCO Cam filters here!

Letchworth State Park Middle Falls up close...

...and with a rainbow! Nature is <3 .="" p="">
A panoramic view of the Grand Canyon of the East, inside Letchworth State Park.

Balloons being inflated at the Red, White, and Blue Balloon Festival for Memorial Day. I like that I was able to capture the kid's in awe face.

A hot balloon being inflated. I like how I was able to capture the flame in action.